Business with Friends

On the face of it, going into business with friends or family makes perfect sense. Everyone knows each other, trusts each other, and knows each other’s boundaries and red lines. There’s rarely any scope for surprises, and work gets done quickly, because everyone plays to their strengths. Life is rarely so simple, however. With closeness […]

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Milan v Parma

First half went by just as predicted, actually. Milan started strong(ish), and then tapered off. We really need to find a way to link defence with attack. Our midfield, Monto aside, SUCKS. Muntari is such a waste of space, even though I know he was only played because Allegri wants to rest Flamini for Barça. […]

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There and back again…

So, here goes again. My poor, poor blog. But I’m now going to make a conscious effort to maintain it. I’ve decided that from now on, whenever a Milan game is on, I’m going to keep this and Tweetbot on. That way, I’m going to get plenty of inputs for my piece, and still be […]

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