The Intro

I’ve been down this road many times before. I’ve made blogs and left them behind. I never truly managed to commit to any one blog because I’ve never had one thing to write about. Sure, a couple of blogs when I was highly charged up about something were a study in tongue-in-cheek, but very few things actually work me up enough to bring out the writer in me.

Any one who’s known me for more than ten minutes, however, knows that sport plays a HUGE role in my life, most notably, Football and Formula One. The teams I support, AC Milan and McLaren Mercedes, have the ability to make or break the coming week for me. The highs are very high, and the lows are petulant, irrational, immaturely low. I don’t think I’m the only one, nor do I think that I am the most passionate about these teams. But what sets me apart is that I’ve got style.

This blog is my final attempt at making my thoughts public. When I discovered Twitter, I thought I’d found Jesus’ magic donkey. Here was a platform where not only could I express my views conveniently, I could check out those of others. And, with it being restricted to 140 characters, no one could really write page upon page of vitriol. Simple, right?

Wrong. For, as I discovered, vitriol is good. The 140 character limit is damned restrictive. Sometimes, one needs to vent. And yes, I do think that I should reserve the right to vent to my heart’s content while still receiving only 140 characters from the rest of the world. Also, one one of my 140 character limited sequence of tweets got me a request to “take it offline”. I digress…

I’m going to maintain this blog with my thoughts, yes. But my primary focus will be on Milan and McLaren, and my joys and sorrows associated with them. If you’re looking for an unbiased opinion, you’re not going to get one. If you think this is going to be punditry, you’re mistaken. This is my view of the world through red and black coloured glasses (Yep, both teams have the same colour scheme. Pure coincidence, I assure you).

I’m not doing this to be famous, nor am I doing it to make friends. I’m doing this because sometimes, one just wants to vent. And being able to do so in the form of literature is just adding the mozzarella to the great pizza of life.


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