The Reversal

Okay, yes…it’s about time I confront what happened yesterday. Even though the idiotic TV network that has bought the rights to Milan matches here didn’t telecast it, I watched a slideshow on a terrible stream instead, and followed live action on twitter. Aside from how silly that makes me sound, it merely solidifies just how much a Milan match means to me. However, in hindsight, I really wished I had just gone away for a walk or something.

If you haven’t heard already, Milan crashed to a 1-2 loss AT SAN SIRO. Those last three words aren’t just Caps’ed for emphasis, they feel like a loss of a friend. San Siro has been a fortress for us this year, with our only loss being to the Merda. The Curvas of the stadium have always brought out the best in the team this season, no matter how shit the pitch has been. Unfortunately, that support evaporated yesterday, as a pretty terrible Fiorentina team came from behind and beat us. Amauri scored the winner. That’s probably what made it worse.

You know, I have a sinking feeling that all the teams I support have one thing in common : they always seem to bring out the best in their opponents. While this should be an honour and would indicate just how much teams aspire to win against us, it still leaves me feeling hollow when I see a team play heroically against us, only to lose shambolically to our rivals. It makes no sense! Anyway, I digress…

So, yeah…Fiorentina beat us in horrible circumstances – a last minute win, of all things. What made the day far worse, however, was that those arseholes from Turin marched on with a 2-0 victory over tricky Palermo. They’re playing the way we played : never giving up, and winning even if the team doesn’t play their best game. That probably makes this worse, because we’ve been playing pretty terribly these days. Sure, everyone is tired, and believe me, even though I’m disappointed, I don’t really blame the team. Fatigue, coupled with the exit from the Champions League would bring down any team. But we really need to buck up and get back into it quickly. There are seven games to go, and we need to win all of them. It’s that simple. Juve might win all their games, and if they do, they’ll win the Scudetto. But as long as we win all the remaining games, we’ll be in with a shout.

As a side not to my previous post on refereeing, I would like to point out to all those who think that referring decisions average out over the season that they are little fairies living in a dream world. If we’d won against Juve, not only would we still be two points ahead of them, but the head to head would also have been affected (it is currently in their favour, since we lost and drew them in the two head to head fixtures). Also, if the Catania goal had been called, we’d be a further two points ahead. So, even with this loss, we’d have been three points ahead. How’s that for averages?


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