The Winning Strategy…

Good times!

“How can we win from here???” was the anguished cry in my brain as I saw Milan crash at home to Fiorentina and Juvemerda win at Palermo. It was a cry of pure pain, of a deep and pitiful sorrow as the dream of a consecutive Scudetto seemingly came crashing down. Milan had squandered a four point lead to go one point down with seven games to go. It was a tragedy of epic proportions, because Milan had managed to be in front despite innumerable injuries to the core team. Juve had suddenly found a new energy that was completely lacking from Milan. Sure, we’ve got players injured, but we did even a couple of weeks back, when we were grinding out results. The missing link is, of course, Thiago Silva, who was stupidly risked in the Coppa, only to get injured against Roma. Since then, aside from the credible 0-0 to the Elves from Catalonia, we’ve conceded goals. The two against Fiorentina were really a new low.

Now that the severe bout of self pity is over, the focus must shift on what’s next – a test at Chievo. Now, any other time of the past two seasons, I would’ve brushed aside the thought that anything untoward could happen. Now, however, I’m panicking. BUT, there are a few things that Allegri can do to assuage that panic :


Discard Urby and Robinho

Now, I get that we’re not exactly overflowing with talent in the midfield. We lack a trequartista, the role that Kaka used to play so effectively for us every season before we sold him (no, I’m NOT over that, even today. DAMN YOU, GALLIANI!!!). Allegri is forced to pick someone like Urby Emanuelson every game to compensate. Here’s my deal, though – the guy just isn’t up to spec. Sure, we bought him, so there must be some logic (and skill), but the fact is, we bought him as a left back, to replace Antonini during his brain-fart games. He was never supposed to be our playmaker, and it shows. He’s too easily brushed off by opponents, he gives the ball away far too easily, he is completely left footed, and misses chances like a defender. Seriously, Allegri, drop him. Play three up front, with El Sharaawy and Maxi supporting Ibra. How could this be possibly worse? Urby doesn’t run back to help in defense, either, so what’s wrong with replacing him with someone who actually hangs on to the ball, and occasionally makes incredible shots on goal?

Which brings us to Robinho. I mean, seriously, he’s the guy I hate the most in this squad. I’ve never liked him – even when he was at Madrid, he would just miss too easily, skying the EASIEST of chances, and then hold his head and look stupidly with his mouth agape at no one in particular. He can dance all he wants, but he’s a FUCKING FORWARD, man! He should be able to find the back of the net at least every other time! The kind of chances he’s had this year and the last that he’s skied, I swear, any half decent midfielder would have converted. Last match was the only time I actually applauded Allegri’s selection, but then he threw Robinho on later anyway. Fat load of good that did. GET EL SHARAAWY ON, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! So what if he’s young? Let him miss. Let him fail. At least with the young lad, it’ll be the exception, rather than the norm! Again, the three pronged attack of Maxi, Ibra and El Sharaawy sounds perfect.


Give the players a day off after the Chievo game

Seemingly, Count Max has the players running drills every day, even if it is supposedly a day off. Allegri, seriously – you blame MilanLab for not taking care of players who are injured when you are the one getting them injured in the first place! These players are human! They’ve been playing 3 games a week for almost the entire year, man. Coupled with the injuries to core team members, they’ve had to pick up an even greater burden than last year. Please, for the love of all that is holy, give them a couple of days off before the weekend. They really could use it. Let them be with their families, let them relax somewhere, give themselves a mental reboot. It is crucial that they be at their best in this run in.


All in all, I still think we can do it. Juve have a couple of games coming up that could be the potential banana skin for their season. And now, the two teams will play the same number of games each. All we need is one slip up from them, and order shall be restored. I’d be happy even if we won with a one point advantage. Just…please don’t lose now, Milan. Please. You’ve worked so hard this season, had to face the stupidity of one too many referees. Just stick with it. Play on with the spirit that has defined this club since it was formed. I know you’ll do us Milanisti proud!

A side note for all those who think Milan’s injury list is no excuse : FUCK. YOU. I’d like to see any team, even one, that could’ve held out for as long as we have with 13 first choice players out for a majority of the season. Picture a Barca without Xavi, Iniesta AND Messi. Picture Manyoo without Rooney, Giggs AND Valencia. And both these examples were just from the front! Do you honestly think your teams could have done any better?

You want to know why Milan’s creativity seems to have dried up? It’s because we have very few options in midfield. We reinforced in January, by signing Alex Merkel. Unfortunately for us, as this cursed season goes, even he got injured. All we have left to do is punt the ball up and hope Ibra does something, because we don’t have the players to pass the ball to him on the ground! Once we get these players back, you’d better believe the free flowing Milan will return. That’s just how the game is.


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