Yep, that’s the general state of mind amongst all the Milanisti today. I have so much to talk about – KPB’s spectacular rise, Allegri’s unbelievably astute tactics, El Shaarawy and Niang doing what they always do, Pazzini being an incredible target man, and Mexés and Zapata doing spectacularly well in defence. I could go on an on about how well we denied Barça… That despite having 67% of the possession, they still had fewer shots on goal. That Leo Messi was completely wiped off the face of the San Siro pitch.

I could go on and on. But I will defer to the wisdom of the experts, because I’m just too ecstatic to be coherent right now. This link pretty much covers it all.

(Also, I’m feeling lazy. I didn’t get the chance to blog/write while the match was on. So, I’m finding it difficult to remember all but the 2-3 minute highlights reel in my head. I will try to do this on Derby day, though…)



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