Till United Kingdom Come

Hilarious beyond measure…

Doing Jalsa & Showing Jilpa

This is a true story, slightly paraphrased for dramatic effect.

I have always wondered about the mathematical relationship between shame and courage.


As is evident from the graph, every man (and there is a reason I am being gender specific here, a reason that will become more evident as this tale unfolds) has a personal inflection point where a delta change in shame results in an exponential increase in courage. It is also referred to, in non-academic circles, as the “Fuck it, I got nothin’ to lose now” moment.

Let’s get to the story now. The graph above will eventually become relevant

This tale had its beginnings in a small town in Tamil Nadu, a town that in the last ten years, discovered the joys of broadband Internet before reliable water supply and garbage disposal but we will keep the socio-historical context brief and fast forward to the moment when our protagonist…

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