The Grind…

I know what you’re thinking – What a horrible game it was last night. Milan looked like a minor team managing to eke a victory against a top side, in one of many quirks that regularly happen over a season in Serie A. It looked like we were the ones who were looking to not […]

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The Winning Strategy…

“How can we win from here???” was the anguished cry in my brain as I saw Milan crash at home to Fiorentina and Juvemerda win at Palermo. It was a cry of pure pain, of a deep and pitiful sorrow as the dream of a consecutive Scudetto seemingly came crashing down. Milan had squandered a […]

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The Reversal

Okay, yes…it’s about time I confront what happened yesterday. Even though the idiotic TV network that has bought the rights to Milan matches here didn’t telecast it, I watched a slideshow on a terrible stream instead, and followed live action on twitter. Aside from how silly that makes me sound, it merely solidifies just how […]

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The True Meaning of Diving!

Whoever did this, I salute you. In case you’re interested, do go to and check Point number 4 under Detection. If it’s still there, know that this is a FACT, and probably one of the few on Wikipedia, so if it does get removed, it will be censorship of the worst kind!

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The Pato Problem

Ah, Alexandre Pato. Simultaneously our greatest hope and our greatest regret. He has divided opinions, made us think he is the next greatest thing to happen to football since the invention of the ball itself, and made us despair. He is, quite simply, an enigma. And, like an old book that we held quite dear, […]

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